about chef kern chiasson

I was born in Berwick, Louisiana- a quaint little town nestled in the heart of south Louisiana’s bayou country. It was there where I began my adventure into the fine arts and aromas of Cajun, French, Creole and Italian cooking. My mother being Italian and my father a true Cajun, with wonderful cooks in both families, made it easy to gain knowledge into authentic Cajun and Italian cuisine. To this day, no one has influenced my culinary aspirations more than my mother, Dianne. At a young age, I also developed the ability to trap and fish for the many varieties and abundant populations of fish, shell fish, wild game, reptiles and water fowl. Wild herbs, fruits and berries were also plentiful and very obtainable. My direct interests as a teenager were education, baseball and hunting, with strong hobbies of cooking and drawing/sketching. I never imagined my talent and passion for cooking would blossom into what it is today.
My studies and culinary experiences began in south Louisiana and continued through New Orleans and Baton Rouge. From there I took my education/talent to Atlanta where for the next three years I leased myself as an executive chef working in 97 different restaurants, country clubs and hotels. I also appeared as a guest chef in many country clubs in North Carolina and Florida just before opening my own catering business here in Atlanta in 1988.

Professionally, I’m driven by the ever-changing culinary challenges the hospitality industry orchestrates. My talent and adverse spirit in the culinary lime light is ever changing and a continuous effort to create, satisfy and exceed limitations. I’m not a carbon copy chef satisfied with a limited amount of knowledge, but a chef who continuously studies many different cultures, as I did my own. I continuously strive to be healthier, smarter, more fit, faster, kinder, and more consistent, simply because I just want to be better. In today’s culinary environment, especially the level in which our company operates, we stay competitive and current by being flexible, original, creative and willing to adapt. I’ve injected my culinary style into one of America’s finest cities and believe our company is legacy to one of the best reputations in the city.

We target clients who expect the food, service, and presentation to be a special part of their occasion, as well as clients with a diverse palate and a desire for the freshest culinary taste and service experience possible. I believe a wonderfully catered event helps represent a person’s or company’s appreciation and intention. Our company has bridged that gap by continuously exceeding our client expectations.

To sharpen and diversify our capabilities, I continue to research, create, and study
the authentic culinary arts of American, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Spanish, Mexican, Italian, German, Greek, French, Cajun, Creole, and Australian cuisine. I enjoy studying literature and recipes of many famous chefs. I also have an innate ability to read through a cookbook and taste the flavors without having to cook the recipe. I apply creative fresh ideas and knowledge to my defined style of seasoning using only the freshest meats, vegetables, herbs and fruits possible. I’m extremely conscious of cholesterol, fat and acidity, never adding any artificial flavors or additives. I specify fresh, seasonal, crisp and simple foods while maintaining very tasty, colorful and eye appealing creations.

Despite our busy schedule, I’m also working on two cookbooks of my own hoping to publish sometime in 2016. Also in 2009, we launched our food product line available in our retail store in Cumming, Georgia where we hope to one day sell our products commercially. I’m also heavily involved in the design and engineering of additional trucks, trailers and kitchen options for our mobile and stationary kitchen units.

Each event warrants a different and specific staff requirement. Depending on the level of service selected and final guest count, our professional team can range from 3 to 50 members. Our employees are professional, courteous, well trained and uniformly dressed. I have a good eye for personable hospitality professionals who admire and emulate our philosophy.

Many people ask the infamous question, when are you going to or do you ever plan on opening a restaurant??? At this point in my career, absolutely not. I cherish the constant changes and exciting locations our catering business offers. When you hire Chef Kern’s Catering, each event includes Chef Kern Chiasson and staff cooking on sight from one of our industrial kitchen equipped trucks and trailers. We literally bring our restaurant on wheels to you, preparing and cooking the freshest of foods minutes before your guests eat.

Chef Kern’s Onsite Catering, is a creative, completely mobile catering company specializing in many different cuisines, theme events, and services, with the ability to satisfy guest counts ranging from ten to three thousand, anywhere in the United States. Our experience is vast and expanding with new opportunities each day. Our prices are competitive but our services go unmatched. We’ve been paving the way for higher standards in the hospitality industry for 27 years. The hard work pays off and motivates my spirit when I see the smiles on our client’s faces and the complements that quickly proceed. We’re a dependable and complete hospitality company with unlimited resources.

I thank God every day for the opportunity, joy and gratification I receive form our business. I adore my relationship with God, my wife Denise, daughter Ashley, our family and friends and of course our grandkids, Caden and Avalon! I truly love the art of creating that culinary surprise and look forward each day to refining that fresh new taste of tomorrow.