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masters hospitality program

Chef Kern’s has 27 years of experience representing companies who entertain clients at offsite venues – 17 of those years include successful Masters Programs. Through Chef Kern’s experience, we have developed a broad knowledge of what it takes to implement a successful hospitality experience. Our key objectives are to exceed client expectations through impeccable food quality, taste and presentation, paralleled with unmatched service and attention to every detail.
We offer complete weekly programs with breakfast, lunch and dinner or selective days with dinner only. Each menu reflects our vision for your week with creative, well-balanced, all-natural, healthy foods popping with flavor and variety that will please your guest. We include full setup responsibilities and the professional service staff to carry out your high end service.
No company will work harder at servicing your guest nor provide you with the quality we produce. Chef Kern’s will be a memorable upgrade to your Hospitality Program. Contact us today to let us know how we can help plan your Masters Hospitality program for your next corporate event at the Augusta National Masters Tournament!